Value Proposition of VarIncorp

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Better analysis of organisms : Study an organism using its complete sequence.

Ease of discovery : The chances of missing novel biomolecules, pathways is considerably minimized.

Proven insertion of variants : The tool has been used to incorporate 30,000 variants in Omics files. Three such Omics files were obtained with the variants Incorporated and analyzed.

Save time and money : This tool can save on a lot of time and money at the wet lab level by allowing in depth studies of an organism’s complete sequence using the bioinformatics tools.

Many research are use cases : The tool can be used in studies involving new species, taxonomy, evolutionary research, clinical research, precision medicine, probe designing, genetic engineering, metabolic engineering, environmental research, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

Some applications: We could have WGS repository of healthy and diseased individuals that would be useful in clinical research. We could obtain the WGS with variants incorporated for each of the cancer patients, collect this data in a repository and use the same in our cancer research. We could obtain Whole Genome Sequence of New Species.

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