NAS Bioventures AquaFish Nurture

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

"NAS Bioventures AquaFish Nurture” has been accepted for its novelty by the International patent office. The product addresses some of the major economical and ecological concerns of the Ornamental fish industry and trade, addresses concerns of fish stress and starvation. Currently, no such product exists with these kind of novel concepts, utility and efficacy in the International market.

Its a natural product meant for Freshwater and Marine Ornamental fish care. 

The product would be made an onsite installation for the client companies. Benefits by this approach are as follows:

Close to 0% mortality at farms, during transportation. Close to 0% DOA (Death on Arrival), DAA (Death after arrival), DA7 (Death after 7 days of arrival). Usually the company have to bear losses associated with Death on Arrival and price of fishes could range from $20 to many thousands of dollars.

Water parameters such as nitrates, nitrites and ammonia are maintained close to 0 ppm. With this, water needs to be changed with lesser frequency and lesser amount of water could be used during transportation. Expenses on production reduced and currently there have been concerns with the availability and costs associated with water. One such example is as follows:

There could be rise in price of raw water sold to Singapore by more than 10 times -

Fishes brighter, with better vigor, good appetite, more compatible and less aggressive and with this product added in transportation bags, they don't have to starve. More productivity and better health of fishes.

No need for use of any additives, such as Fish tranquillisers, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, chemicals as oxygen source, bacteriostatic chemicals, buffers, Clinoptilolite for ammonia control, antifoam chemicals. Expenses on production reduced

This product has utility not just at exporter, importer, warehouses but also at retail outlets and for end users. The product, its applications, efficacy are all novel and has been accepted in totality for novelty by the International patent office

Why this product is novel in comparison to the existent products:

Novelty can be seen in the fact that this product can be introduced in packaging for transportation of fishes when protocol suggests that no such thing could be added and fishes are starved prior to shipment. With this, fishes won't have to starve and mortalities close to 0 %,

Water needs to changed with lesser frequency at aquariums and packaging can happen with lesser amount of water. Such a feature hasn't been seen before,

It could be made integral setup of aquarium farms, fishes fed with this product prior to shipment are strong enough to tide through adverse environments. This is a very unique feature,

This invention has efficacy (for each of the features mentioned) which none of the existent products have,

Most importantly, this product shall have demand in aquariums (retail outlets, end users), warehouses, exporter & importer farms, in other words throughout the distribution chain and during transit.  

Please visit the company website:

The following image is one instance. Dense packing of veil tail angelfishes, with water nearly half of the amount used below was done and the fishes survived for more than 40 hours, in the packages where product was added.

Its a billion dollar industry and the main markets are at Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. There are many countries trying to make a nitch in this field.

10 veiltail fishes that survived for 40 hours in the transportation bags, with very less amount of water. After 40 hours, no mortality observed and were in tanks. They were treated with the product "NAS Bioventures AquaFish Nurture"

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