DOA(Death on Arrival), DAA(Death After Arrival), DA7(Death After 7 Days of Arrival) Close to 0%

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

NAS Bioventures AquaFish Nurture:

The experiment conducted to study the product efficacy during transportation of fishes. Water used in packaging was less than prescribed, no other product used other than 'NAS Bioventures AquaFish Nurture'.

The link provides images of the bags before transportation and after transportation. The fishes were transported airways (Mumbai - Chennai and back to Mumbai) on the same day, within 24 hours.

The fishes readily acclimatized following the transportation.

Close to 0% mortality observed - DOA, DAA, DA7. In case of pretreatment, the product wasn't added to the bags and 0% mortalities observed.

Using this product, fishes could survive even poor aeration.

The product has benefits throughout the distribution chain starting from farms, aquariums, during transportation, retail outlets and end users.

The link to access the details is as follows:

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