Shortlisting Antibodies Using Bioinformatics Tool

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Using a Bioinformatics tool that could incorporate variants, we could get an idea of the range of antibodies that could be produced.

One of the approach could be as follows:

We could generate synthetic antibodies.

Using this tool, we could develop an antibody, maybe using a naturally occurring antibody as the start and making variations to it such that the synthesized antibody identifies the antigen / pathogen and is able to trigger a complete immunological response in the infected host.

For example (A Pure Hypothetical Statement): IgY is found in avians and found high in egg yolk. The antigen binding site of IgY might be a good fit for recognition of the Coronavirus in comparison to human immunoglobin types and the Constant domain needs to be altered to elicit a complete immunological response in humans.

There is IMGT (The International Immunogenetics System) database which offers detailed information about the VDJ and C genes and their loci.

To understand somatic hypermutation, we would require permutations and combinations heuristic approach incorporated into the tool.

PLEASE NOTE: The Bioinformatics tool has been tested but this approach to address diseases has to go through numerous steps, to be tested for its feasibility considering that we are talking about immunoglobins.

The tool has been tested only for its ability to incorporate variant information (Insertion, Deletion, MNV, SNV, SNP, Replacements) at any number of locations in a given sequence, for example a big data file like Whole Genome Sequence. The tool has been successfully used to incorporate around 60,000 variant information into Whole Genome Sequence and then use this Whole Genome Sequence for further data analysis.

The tool can be used for omics data – Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics. The tool isn't restricted only to omics data and can be used for shorter sequences as well.

Manual editing is error prone, time consuming and tedious apart from the fact that we can't get a heuristic approach with manual editing.

This entire process using the tool hastens the process and one may land up getting the solution / cure in a very short time with Bioinformatics involved in the research.

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