Can a well studied antigen to which human immunoglobins respond successfully, be altered to use.

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

My earlier post spoke about Synthetic antibodies. It is essential to find a synthetic antibody that doesn't cross react and lead to complications.

This approach mentioned below is based on the data that we are still studying the kind of antibodies humans of different ethnicity might produce in response to Covid 19 and that we don't know if this gives immunity to protect from re-infection. So, the below approach might not be a vaccine as we define it, considering the epitope is not of the virus but of another well studied antigen, to which human immunological system (innate or acquired) successfully responds.

The approach could be as follows: To use a known antigen well studied for successful immunological response by the human innate and adaptive immune response. This known antigen is altered to have high affinity to the Covid 19 virus, for example its protein regions. The binding to Covid 19 must happen before the immune system responds to the epitope of the antigen.

If the antigen can be destroyed with innate immune response itself then even much better. The entire known antigen and the virus could get engulfed, provided the known antigen is engineered to have high affinity to the Covid 19 viral regions.

This known antigen could be altered at regions other than epitope to have specificity to Covid 19 viral regions.

So, the epitope is in the known antigen and this which has bound to the viral protein with high affinity, would be addressed by human innate immune response or by the adaptive / acquired immune response.

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