Bioinformatics Inc. Survey Results

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

The Bioinformatics Inc. survey with sample size of 100 respondents provided a good Purchase Criteria* score for NAS Bioventures VarIncorp despite some confusion with the pricing / license. This is because the respondents ranked the features of the tool higher thus pricing had a minimal effect on the final score.

1 out of 4 respondents also said they had a strong personal interest in VarIncorp.

*Purchase Criteria: Value customers place on the suite of features presented.

Target Audience Demographies

Sample size: 100 respondents

Scientific Technique expertise of the respondents: Sequencing and Sequencing Applications (including NGS / Sanger / RNA-Seq)

Industry: Academics (55%), Pharma / Biotech (33%), Other Industry (7%), Clinical (5%)

Region: Europe (41%), North America (30%), Asia (10%), South and Central America (5%), Australia and New Zealand (3%), Middle East(1%), Unknown (3%), Others (7%)

The survey involved detailed questionnaire and scores ranging 1-10 for each of the questions.

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