A Treat For The Fishes with 'NAS Bioventures AquaFish Nurture'

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Salient features:

  • DOA, DAA, DA7 at 0%, enhancing productivity, longevity

  • Nitrates, nitrites, ammonia - 0 ppm

  • The benefits of probiotics observed,

  • Pre-treatment too helps in achieving the benefits,

  • Beneficial for aqua plants,

  • A product which could be integrated into RAS,

  • Saving on resources such as water, with less water to be used during transportation and frequency with which water needs to be changed is reduced.



 Bioremediation of Crude Oil Spills Using Eco-friendly Microbial Formulation

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Salient Features:

  • Bioremediation of high ppm of crude oil spills in sea, soil, surfaces in a short duration with eco-friendly microbial formulation(s). At sea, instant breakdown of crude oil spills could be attained,

  • The product has been studied in-depth to know its effects on different life forms in sea and soil environment, ranging from mangroves to microflora,

  • The product was found to beneficial to life forms,

  • The product doesn't form biofilms on ship surfaces,

  • Omics level studies carried out,

  • The product is easy to use. 

Improve Soil By Breakdown Of Urea, Addressing the CO2 Emissions and Ammonia and Improving The Soil NPK 


 Salient Features:

  • Urea could be broken down within 96 hours - one week time,

  • By products of Urea breakdown are addressed; CO2 emission addressed using climber plant like money plant and increased ammonia levels addressed by the formulation(s),

  • The soil NPK values are improved,

  • The formulation(s) could be  customised for a given soil, to attain the required NPK values.

Integrating Variant Information Into Omics Data File

(A Tool For Editing A Big Data File Such As Fasta file Of A Whole Genome Sequence, To Incorporate The Sequence Variations)








A Bioinformatics product which enables incorporating variant information into the Omics data. This helps in correct taxonomic identification of the organism being studied, probe designing and data so obtained could be used for further analysis. This tool is particularly of use while dealing with new species. 

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