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Bioremediation of Crude Oil Spills in Sea, Soil Within Short Duration,

Using Eco-friendly Microbial Formulation

The sea water environment is turning toxic, due to oil spills. For example: BP oil spill, Exxon Valdez spill. Bioremediation is vital and the products and procedures chosen shouldn’t lead to further damages or complications in the ecosystem, in the long run. This bioremediation product has shown a good potential to cleanup crude oil spills in a short duration; almost instantaneous breakdown of crude oil spills in sea water and is eco-friendly.

Salient Features:

Bioremediation of high ppm of crude oil spills in a short duration, in sea, soil, surfaces with eco-friendly microbes. The breakdown of crude oil spills at sea water is achieved instantaneously.

The product has been studied in-depth to know its effects on different life forms in sea and soil environment, ranging from microflora to fauna. The product co-exists with microflora and fauna, found to be beneficial.

The product doesn't form biofilms on ship surfaces.

The product is easy to use

The product could be used in various environments, for example sea, soil, surfaces.

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