Incorporating Variant Information Into Omics Data

This is a tool which shall enable incorporate any variant information (Insertion, Deletion, Replacement, MNV, SNV) into a given Omics data file, apart from ability to fetch sequence information at an user specified location.


This code currently is catering to Genomics but can be extended to other Omics data as well with minor changes to this code. The user needs to provide the omics data file and the file with variant information. 

The tool is useful in studying recombination, mutations, variants between species, new or novel species.

This is useful in understanding how the changes at specified locations could bring about changes at the biomolecular or structural level. So, this could be a custom file with variants the user wishes to incorporate into a given Omics data file and the data file thus obtained could be used further in probe designing, understanding genetic manipulations, taxonomic studies, variations in biomolecules at the omics level. This could be useful while investigating New species, Environmental samples, Clinical samples and Pathogens at the omics level.

The code has been written in R and could be executed in R, RStudio and RStudio at AWS.

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