Incorporating Variant Information Into Omics Data

VarIncorp is a tool to incorporate variant information into Omics data. The

Variants could be Insertion, Deletion, Replacement, SNP, MNV. This tool is used for

Genomics data but could be easily extended to other Omics data. This tool has been used to incorporate variants of about 30,000 into Whole Genome Sequence without manual intervention. The data obtained with variants incorporated could be used to study an organism’s entire genomic sequence, know the pool of biomolecules synthesized and the biological pathways.


Bioinformatics Inc. Survey Results:

The product got a Purchase Criteria Score of 7.1 in the survey conducted by Bioinformatics Inc.


Value Proposition of VarIncorp:

  1. Better analysis of organisms : Study an organism using its complete sequence.

  2. Ease of discovery : The chances of missing novel biomolecules, pathways is considerably minimized.

  3. Proven insertion of variants : The tool has been used to incorporate 30,000 variants in Omics files. Three such Omics files were obtained with the variants Incorporated and analyzed.

  4. Save time and money : This tool can save on a lot of time and money at the wet lab level by allowing in depth studies of an organism’s complete sequence using the bioinformatics tools.

  5. Many research are use cases : The tool can be used in studies involving new species, taxonomy, evolutionary research, clinical research, precision medicine, probe designing, genetic engineering, metabolic engineering, environmental research, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.


Few Applications:

  • VarIncorp can help get a lot of studies done on the feasibility of a proposed Genetically engineered cell, thus saving on huge costs that deter one from proceeding with research.

  • VarIncorp can facilitate to understand the pathway and tailor the entire desired alterations before getting to the lab.

  • With VarIncorp, we could first create a repository of patient omics data. With a pool of individual genome sequences available (for example WGS), we could then get an idea of the how a group of individuals would respond to the drug before getting into actual clinical trial stage.   

  • VarIncorp helps place variant information in the sequence file such as Whole Genome Sequence.

  • VarIncorp incorporates variant information into the Omics data, the complete sequence of an individual so obtained could be studied in depth to know the effects of a given drug on an individual, caters to research on precision medicine.

VarIncorp Tool - Case Study:

Please find the data of a case study where huge number of variants were incorporated

into the fasta file.


  1. original.fa - fasta file into which variants need to be incorporated.

  2. Excel files - files with variant information

  3. varl.fa - output fasta file with all the variants incorporated.


The link to access the data and validation done is: