AquaFish Nurture

The product "AquaFish Nurture", is an Ornamental fish care product which addresses some of the major ecological and economical concerns of Ornamental fish trade, transport and practises. The product has been found beneficial for other aquatic life forms, including aqua plants.  


Some of the salient features of ‘AquaFish Nurture’ are as follows: 


  • Death On Arrival (DOA), Death After Arrival (DAA), Death After 7 Days Of Arrival (DA7) brought down to almost entirely 0%.  Usually the company have to bear losses associated with Death on Arrival and price of fishes could range from $20 to $30,000,


  • The product addresses nitrates, nitrites and ammonia quite efficiently, gets the concentrations down to as close as 0 ppm. 

  • On addition of this product, the packaging could be done using less than prescribed amounts of water and water could to be changed with less frequency.

  • The product serves as a probiotic.

  • The product could be integrated into RAS.


  • AquaFish Nurture has been found beneficial for other aquatic life forms such as aqua plants. 

  • Fishes pre-treated with the product are strong enough to tide through adverse environments. This is a very unique feature, 

  • Expenses on production are reduced:


There has been concerns with the availability and costs associated with water. One such example is as follows:


Price of raw water sold to Singapore could be raised by more than 10 times, as mentioned in

No need for use of any additives, such as Fish tranquillisers, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, chemicals as oxygen source, bacteriostatic chemicals, buffers, Clinoptilolite for ammonia control, antifoam chemicals. Expenses on production reduced, 

  • The product features have been tested and verified at aquariums of different sizes and during transportation. The product enables saving on resources such as water, improve productivity. 

Applications are at farms, aquariums, during transportation and at retail outlets. 

The product could be made an onsite installation for the client companies. The installation is a very easy process and maintenance is simple with a fixed SOP. Alternatively, the product could be manufactured.