We work for Nature


We at NAS Bioventures Work For Nature. These have been addressed at different levels by developing innovative technologies. The technologies are in the fields of:

  • Aquaculture,

  • Bioremediation,

  • Soil,

  • Bioinformatics.  


These are patented technologies.


We constantly strive to make progress in sustainable development. We work for Nature.  


Aquafish Nurture

A Delightful Experience Not Just For The Nurturer!

Ornamental fish trade is a billion dollar industry. The survival of ornamental fish majorly depends on its transportation and aquarium setup conditions. The amount of mortality which take place are a concern to the ecologists and it affects the productivity of the industry as well. Keeping both in mind, 'NAS Bioventures AquaFish Nurture' product was developed. The product enables virtually 0% mortality associated with transportation and fishes have a long, healthy life at aquariums.

Please visit 'AquaFish Nurture' section in this website to know more about the product.



With Eco-friendly Microbial Formulation

We needed a technology which was chemical free, addressing high ppm crude oil spills efficiently and a eco-friendly product. The eco-friendly product developed efficiently degrades high ppm of crude oil spills in a very short duration in comparison to the available technologies. There is instant breakdown of  crude oil spills achieved in sea water and in a short duration at soil, rhizospheres and surfaces.

Please visit the 'Bioremediation' section at this website to know more about the product.



Soil Product

Enable breakdown of urea while addressing the CO2 emissions, Ammonia levels and Improve Soil NPK values.


The product is a combination of formulation(s), that first enables the breakdown of urea, addressing CO2 emission using climber plants and utilisation of the ammonia, followed by improving NPK values for a given soil. The plant creepers are a part of the product, to minimise the CO2 emissions and not contribute towards climate change. 

Please visit the 'Soil' section at this website to know more about the product.


Bioinformatics Product

Integrating Variant Information into Omics Data


A Bioinformatics product which enables incorporating variant information into the Omics data. This helps in correct taxonomic identification of the organism being studied, understanding the biomolecules and pathways, genetic engineering, precision medicine, probe designing. The data so obtained could be used for further data analysis just like any other Omics data file.

Please visit the 'Bioinformatics' section at this website to know more about the product.




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